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1 HOUR - 130 euros 

Tantric massage builds a subtle bridge between mind and body through conscious touch and diaphragmatic breathing, which anchors the recipient in the "here" and "now". In this sacred ritual, nudity is experienced from innocence, under the premise that our entire body, including the genitals, can be massaged without any sexual connotation or expectations, we simply surrender and soften, letting ourselves "be", while the masseuse fulfills his sacred mission to care for us respectfully and lovingly during the process.

This massage works the second chakra or Svadhistana, which is located in the pelvis, in front of the sacrum. The sacral chakra is associated with pleasure, sexuality and joy. It favors emotional and physical health aspects and governs many of the body's fluids, from the sexual organs, bladder and kidneys. Tantric massage is much more than technique, it is alchemy, an intimate healing experience on a mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual level that starts from the physical (touch).

In this magical and sacred space, from respect and the maximum presence, you will heal your body of fears, tensions, anxiety, energy blockages, shame, you will calm your mind of thoughts and beliefs, you will listen to your soul.

It is the path to the art of loving and sacred sexuality.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This massageNO It is an erotic massage.NO There is no masturbation, or anything that can be related. The person receiving the massageNO interact with the masseuse. Please come with strict hygiene. The duration of the massage that is indicated is indicative since they usually last longer.


1 HOUR - 90 euros 

Massage created for people who need maximum relaxation. This massage is full of generosity because it gives itself to whoever receives it.

1.- THAI MASSAGE Techniques (Stretching and deep kneading). For this first part you must bring a tracksuit or leggings and a comfortable shirt.

2.- Acupressure to release meridians: gentle pressure with the fingertips on energy points to release pain, tension and fatigue.

3.- Californian massage, with long and enveloping movements with perfumed oils and a hammock that suspends the body and balances it harmoniously.

4.- Hot stones: so that the pores open and receive the healing benefits of the essential oils, while the heat softens and sensually relaxes the muscles.

5..- And, finally, a shamanic imposition of hands that will fill your energy system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A time rich in sensations and benefits, since the body is treated on a physical and subtle level, suppressing muscular and nervous fatigue, unblocking the body so that energy can circulate, which is the vital flow that feeds us, reactivating the immune system and self healing. Taking this massage is a declaration of love to ourselves, reaffirming ourselves as deserving. The indicated duration of the massage is indicative since they usually last longer


1 HOUR - 90 euros 

Stretching is the key to a flexible, youthful mind and body. The treatment given in this massage consists of:

1.- Stretching that elongates the muscles and joints.

2.- Organic movements of rotation on the joints, which will activate their lubrication.

3.- Kneading of the muscles that, activating blood circulation, will oxygenate these muscles and produce a sedative effect on body and mind.

At the end of this massage you will feel your body as if it had grown, your muscles relaxed and your mind in a state of peace and tranquility.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must bring a tracksuit or leggings (elastic clothing that allows great mobility) and a long or short-sleeved shirt.


3 HOURS - 300 euros 

Rituals are impregnated with delay since it is she who gives them their essence. In rituals, attention to detail is essential to maintain focus. Anything that is done without haste, with subtlety and focus, can become a ritual.

The tantric massage or ritual gives a personal moment of intimate connection on the human and sexual level that every couple must live to have a healthy and free relationship. Stop and observe each other carefully, guided by innocent curiosity and without prejudice, touch each other with no other objective than to seek to perceive each other at a deep level. Caressing and massaging from absolute delivery, lavishing pleasure with generous devotion and without any expectations.

Tantra for a couple is slowing down time through diaphragmatic breathing. Anchor yourself to the present moment from awareness and non-expectation. It is to make the ordinary special, to transmute the profane into the sacred.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In this interactive massage between the couple there is NO sex, nor erotic caresses. NO interaction with the masseuse. She is here to guide and accompany you in the process.


1 HOUR - 45 euros 

Breathing is vital to maintain physical and mental balance. Recent scientific research shows that if your breathing is rapid, shallow, and unfocused, it can contribute to a host of problems including anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. Breathing exercises require actively changing the way we breathe. Breathing through the diaphragm (rather than with the movement of the chest) allows you to fill your lungs with more air and consciously slows down the rate of breathing at rest. Slow, deep breaths trigger a cascade of physiological responses and lead to a more complete state of relaxation. This breath acts as a speed ramp in your meditation practice and helps to calm the mind faster so that you get the most out of it while meditating.

In the coaching session, the therapist helps you find and connect with the origin of what prevents you from living fully. Only by putting the problem aside and focusing on the place where it comes from, we will be able to solve the situations that unbalance us. In this session we use two powerful tools that, in synergy, help us improve our quality of life.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The breathing and coaching sessions help you to make an objective and rational approach to what you consider problems, helping to produce changes in your state of mind that reduce your stress and nervousness, increasing your energy and concentration, favoring the creative resolution of problems. conflict situations.

It is recommended to bring comfortable clothes.
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